Welcome (part 2)

Thanks for your comments to my previous posts. Some of you asked some questions, so I’ll try to give some answers.

Firstly, yes, Jeff and Lois have a blog here. Take a look over at the blogroll in the sidebar. You too could have a blog here. Just contact me or post a comment. It appears that Jeff & Lois haven’t posted anything yet (as of this writing), but they should soon, I hope.

Secondly, there aren’t many pictures in our online gallery right now. Three, to be exact. But we’ll be adding a bunch. After we upload more, the random image feature at the top of the sidebar will be a lot more interesting.

Thirdly, in response to Deb’s questions about the meaning of some of my license plate names, here are some explanations:

GNU stands for “GNU’s Not Unix”. It’s what’s known as a recursive acronym, or an acronym that refers to itself. It’s a programmer’s joke. The GNU project started the Free/Open Source software movement. More details available at their website: GNU.org.
This is a geek joke. In the vi text editor, this command will perform a search-and-replace. Specifically, it will search for “M$” and replace it with “LN”. “M$” is commonly used to refer to Microsoft, and “LN” is referring to Linux.
This is refering to Ubuntu, the Linux distribution that I use at work and at home. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for alternatives to Windows. Canonical, the company that is sponsoring the development of Ubuntu, will even send you a free CD, if you want. See ubuntu.com for details.
I wanted to use UBUNTU, but it was not available.

My Bike has a Name!

My bike now has a name!


What do you think?

Coming up with a name was harder than I thought it would be. Here is a list of the choices I came up with that were available:

  • GNU
  • S/M$/LN
  • NIN10DO
  • RU LDS?
  • D BART
  • NO M$
  • L!NUX
  • LNX
  • MY S40
  • SVG

Some of them are very geeky, but it’s my bike. 😛

There were a lot that I thought of that weren’t available. If I ever get a second bike (very dim possibility, but I like to keep an open mind) or a decent minivan I will probably name it TEANCUM, since he rocks.